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Q-Lab WRS LabFor those who need durability data in a matter of weeks, we offer a full range of laboratory testing services. Q-Lab Florida has a fully equipped accelerated weathering and corrosion laboratory.

Q-Lab weathering and corrosion tests are used for quality control, material certification, exterior durability studies and predictions. Because you buy the test results, not the test equipment, these exposure and evaluation services are very affordable.

Fast Results. Although actual outdoor exposures are the ideal way to test your products, sometimes you can’t afford to wait a year or two for real-time test results. We can give you fast, reliable weatherability data using QUV, Q-Sun, Q-Fog and QCT laboratory testers. Backed by decades of outdoor testing experience, Q-Lab can help you set up a successful accelerated laboratory testing program.

Standard Exposures. All tests and evaluations are performed to appropriate ASTM, ISO, SAE, AATCC, or other standard procedures. Custom exposures are also available.

Third-Party Verification. Q-Lab can act as an unbiased third party wherever third-party verification of test results is required.

Flexible. Q-Lab has a number of instruments available, allowing us to perform the most current and most widely specified range of environmental tests.



Q-Trac Sunlight Concentrator



Contract Test Service
In addition to Florida Weathering and Arizona Weathering, Q-Lab has a fully equipped accelerated weathering and corrosion laboratory in Florida.

  • Accelerated Weathering & Lightfastness
  • Salt Spray & Cyclic Corrosion Testing
  • Easy, Inexpensive, Industry-Standard
Florida Weathering
Natural Exposure Testing
Q-Trac Natural Sunlight Concentrator
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Q-Lab Florida is accredited for technical competence in the field of Mechanical Testing, in accordance with ISO/TEC 17025:2005.

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