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Arizona Weathering

Q-labArizonaQ-Lab's Arizona site is 30 miles from Phoenix in an area away from automotive, industrial or agricultural pollution. Arizona is a benchmark location for outdoor durability tests because of its high-intensity sunlight and high year-around temperatures.

Compared with Florida, the Arizona test site offers about 20% more sunlight, higher annual temperatures, and lower humidity. During the summer, the air temperature may reach 115°F (46°C) and a black body sensor may reach over 160°F (71°C).

Natural exposure testing is an essential part of any weathering and light stability test program. Material scientists often use "Florida Weathering" or "Arizona Weathering" as international benchmarks for material weatherability testing.  For a complete outdoor testing program, many companies test their products in both Florida and Arizona. For natural accelerated outdoor exposures, clients rely on the Q-Trac Natural Sunlight Concentrator, a service exclusively available at Q-Lab Arizona.

This extreme climate has been proven useful for certain types of testing and materials:

  • Color and gloss of coatings
  • Color stability, heat again, and physical properties of plastics
  • Coatings on plastics
  • Lightfastness an tensile strength of textiles

Q-lab Arizona Climate


Q-Lab Arizona is A2LA Accredited for ISO 17025 compliance. For a complete scope of our accreditation, please refere to our A2LA certificate.

Outdoor Exposure Test Methods Performed at Q-Lab Arizona
ASTM G7 Atmospheric Environmental Exposure Testing of Nonmetallic Materials
ASTM G24 Conducting Exposures to Daylight Filtered Through Glass
ASTM D1006 Exterior Exposure of Paints on Wood
ASTM D1014 Exterior Exposure of Paints on Steel
ASTM D1435 Outdoor Weathering of Plastics
ASTM D3679, 5.10, 6,10, 6,11, 6,13 Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Siding
ASTM D4141 Conducting Accelerated Outdoor Exposure Tests of Coatings
ASTM D4726 Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Exterior Profile Extrusions used for Assembled Windows and Doors
ASTM D6864 Color and Appearance Retention of Solid Colored Plastic Siding Products
ASTM D7251 Color and Appearance Retention of Variegated Colored Plastic Siding Products
LP464KB1901 Outdoor Exposure of Trim Materials
EN 927 Part 3 Coating Materials and Coatings Systems for Exterior Wood
Ford BI160-01 Florida and Arizona Outdoor Exposure Test
GM 9327P Exterior Weatherability of Integrally Colored Plastics
GM 9163P Outdoor Weathering of Automotive Exterior Materials
GM W14873 Outdoor Weathering of Automotive Exterior Materials
ISO 877 Plastics – Exposure to Weathering, Direct, Under Glass Using Fresnel Mirrors
ISO 2810 Paints and Varnishes: Natural Weathering
SAE H576 Plastic Materials for Optical Parts Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight
SAE J1976 Outdoor Weathering of Exterior Materials
ASTM D4364 Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Plastics Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight
ASTM D5105 Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight
ASTM D5722 Performing Accelerated Weathering of Factory Coated Embossed Hardboard Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight and a Soak-Freeze-Thaw Procedure
ASTM G90 Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Nonmetallic Material
FORD DVM-0020 Outdoor Weathering Test: Ford Tracking Box
GM 9538P Weathering Exposure Tests for Interior Trim
GMW 3417 Natural Weathering Exposure Tests for Interior Trims/Materials
SAE J1961 Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials Using a Solar Fresnel Reflector Apparatus



Q-Trac Sunlight Concentrator


Arizona Weathering Snap Shot

Arizona desert exposures are ideal for testing materials under very hot, very dry conditions.
Q-Lab Arizona climate data





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download PDF A2LA Accreditation Certificate
Q-Lab Arizona is accredited for technical competence in the field of Mechanical Testing, in accordance with ISO/TEC 17025:2005.


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